Product advantages

Main advantages

Thanks to a special effect, the clothes dry extremely quickly. An additive developed in Germany gives the clothing antistatic properties. This distributes moisture (e.g. sweat) evenly over the garment. Especially in areas such as the armpits, the back or the genital area, moisture is quickly transported away. The result is reduced perspiration, so these areas stay drier. This leads to a more comfortable feeling and increases self-confidence in various situations. In addition, the risk of perspiration odor is minimized. The clothes do not charge electrostatically, there is no crackling or standing hair. This provides a drier feeling and an increased sense of well-being, both at work and during leisure time.

100% Circular Economy: The linen and packaging are GRS certified and made largely from recycled material.

Circular economy

At TESS Underwear, sustainability is more than just a buzzword. We are committed to minimizing our ecological footprint through the circular economy. Our functional underwear is made from predominantly recycled materials and is OEKO-TEX GRS certified, which underlines our commitment to environmental protection and sustainability.

A new life for your worn-out underwear

When your TESS underwear reaches the end of its life cycle, its journey does not end in the trash. Send us your used products and we will ensure that they are included in the recycling cycle. In cooperation with our partner near Munich, new products are created from your old textiles.

Your role in the recycling process

Your decision to choose TESS Underwear is a step towards a more sustainable world. By returning your worn-out underwear, you are actively contributing to the recycling process and helping to reduce the use of resources. Together we can make a positive change and contribute to a greener future.

Together for a greener future!


The exclusive knit and design structure gives the wearer a refreshing feel in the summer and warm comfort in the cool season. Rapid evaporation and the built-in climate channels provide a cooling effect in warm environments and a warming protection in winter due to rapid drying of the fabric. Materials such as cotton, viscose or modal absorb moisture, but pass it on only very slightly. This can create a moisture bridge that can lead to increased sweating or faster shivering.